Your pet deserves professional pet sitting and dog watching services from MGB Pet Sitters.  We are a licensed in-home pet sitting service. We travel to your home for daily care while you are at work. When you are vacationing or away from home, forget about a boarding facility. No longer do you have to rely on the neighbors or wonder if your best friend is in good hands. Your pet remains at home in his home turf and looks forward to his daily walks. The caring staff from MBG Pet Sitters carry ou

MGB Pet Sitters offers premium in-home dog watching services to our Glastonbury service area. If it were up to your dog, he would rather stay at home in familiar surroundings while you are away. When the kind professionals from MBG Pet Sitters care for your pet, they are monitoring your home, they bring in your mail, inspect the perimeter of your home, and adjust lighting and draperies. Whether you will be away short-term or long-term, call MGB Pet Sitters and take a load off your mind. Your dog

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When your dog is going to be alone for a day, a week or more, you need a professional pet sitting service that you can trust. MGB Pet Sitters are registered members of Pet Sitters International (PSI). When you hire our services, we aren't just dog sitting.  We make sure your home looks as though someone is at home - we check the perimeter of the home, adjust shades and drapes, lighting, and the ma

Would you rather bring your dog to a kennel or hire an in-home dog watching service? If you ask your dog, he will tell you he would rather stay at home while you are away. Call MGB Pet Sitters and RELAX!  Our professional staff will travel to your home to care for your dog, cat or non-exotic pet. Your dog or cat look forward to our visits and receive the personal attention they deserve. Our staff carries out feeding, watering, medication administration, leash walking, and other pet care duties,